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About Amuri Jet

Amuri Jet is a Locally, Family owned and operated business. We are passionate about our business and the activities we offer. "The brothers" (Andrew and Brendon) have been Jetboating ever since they left school ( many .. many.. many ....... many years ago!) and have been Jetboating commercially in Hanmer Springs since 1985 and know the river quite well. 

We at Amuri Jet make your experience a more personalised one and go out of our way to ensure you enjoy yourself. You are not just a number !



Passenger safety and satisfaction is unquestionably at the forefront of our operation. Amuri Jet drivers/guides are a fine blend of personality, skill and professionalism, paying scrupulous attention to detail to ensure passenger safety.The Amuri fleet is stringently maintained to the highest level of commercial operation standards.As a passenger, should you have an existing physical condition, please let a member of our crew know prior to engaging in this experience.

Our highly skilled drivers/guides take you the greatest distance with individuality, flair and impact.  A composition of on and off water thrills and their own personalised commentary makes leaving with a renewed sense of energy and knowing you've enjoyed a true kiwi experience!

Meet the Team

Andrew Cameron

Andrew  is the brains behind the operation. A very good Jetboat driver with over 30 years of experience . He has a positive spin on everything and always keen for a laugh 

"The Boss"

"The Brat"

Brendon Cameron

Brendon has over 30 years of Jetboating experience driving commercial jet boats. He also has raced in Jetboat Marathons and won 2 World Marathons and 2 New Zealand Marathons in his Class. So watch out when he gets too close to cliff faces because sometimes he still thinks he is in a race boat!

Darryl 1 .jpg

Darryl MacDonald

Here at Amuri Jet , Darryl is known for his epic sense of humour, 1000 watt smile and calm demeanor , which puts the Clients at ease, whether they are Jetboating, Rafting or Quadbiking. He manages to get awesome reviews all the time by his Clients their words ... "Darryl you legend!

"The Legend"


Neeta Angre-Cameron

Neeta  has  years of experience of  being a Sailing instructor , but being inland in Hanmer has resorted to being the Shore crew and Receptionist. However her main job is to keep the boys on their toes. 

"The Brat's Boss"


"The New Recruits"

Aaliya,Aaryan Cameron & Max - the Dog

Meet our new recruits , Aaliya, Aaryan and Max - the Dog. With a combined age of  almost 23 years , they provide the much needed cuteness factor to the operation in exchange for Toys, Swimming lessons and Dog biscuits. They hope to be of much more use to the operation in about 10 years time. 

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